Organic Remedy Tea-Potency Woods  (15 Bags)

Organic Remedy Tea-Potency Woods (15 Bags)

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Designed to aid in Fertility, Potency and Sexual Organ Blood Circulation.


Potency Woods Tea: This tonic is composed of 8 aphrodisiacs (7 root woods): Muira Puama Root "Potency Wood", Ashwagandha Root "Indian Ginseng", Fo-ti Root "Fertility Wood", Red and White Chinese Ginseng Roots (100% pure, 6 year cured), Ginko Root and Damiana Leaf "Turnera Aphrodisiaca". All have long-standing reputations as powerful aphrodisiacs and nervines. Directions: Drink as a daily tonic for energy and vitality. Medicinal Dosage: Drink one daily. Do not exceed three daily. Caution: Do not administer to children. Increases fertility.
Ingredients: 100% Organic
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