Organic Dental-Peelu Miswak (Siwak) 8"

Organic Dental-Peelu Miswak (Siwak) 8"

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The ultimate environmentally sustainable solution.


Peelu Miswak (Siwak): Teeth cleaner.
Miswak is the branch or root of the Peelu tree and is an ancient toothbrush that is used all over the world by children and adults alike. It is easy to learn how to use and it is the ultimate environmentally sustainable solution to the toothbrush. It tastes a bit like bread yeast.

Directions: (Opening) With scissors, at the top, cut open the sealed bag and slip out your Miswak. You will find it to be slightly moist and soft. It is packaged immediately after harvesting to retain it’s natural state, making it easy to peel away a little of the bark before using.
1. Using your nail, scrape away about 1/2 inch of the bark and using your teeth to chew it gently, or your thumb, make it into a paintbrush style toothbrush.
2. Wet the bristles a little with tap water and then gently scrub teeth surfaces with the bristles. Be sure to do the sides, back and between teeth as best you can. It may take a few tries to figure out a technique, but in about a week you will clearly see where you have missed. Rinse. Note: It is the resin of the twig that kills the bacteria that causes discolouration and chewing on the Miswak helps to release the resin.
3. The more resin you use the whiter your teeth will get, so it is up to you when you feel the need to trim off the bristles, peel away a bit of bark and remake your brush.
4. When you are finished, rinse off your bristles with a little water and put it back into its sealed bag, leaving the bristles poking out of the top to dry.
Note: A large nail clipper works well to trim away the bristles. The general rule is to remake your brush every 2nd or 3rd brushing. Some choose to trim and remake each time they whiten. It is up to you.
Note: Miswaks can not be shared between people. They are like any toothbrush that should only be used by a single person.
Storage: Store your Miswak in the plastic sealed bag it came in. With scissors, at the top, cut open the sealed bag creating a sleeve in which you will slip your Miswak into after use. Leave the bristles of the Miswak poking out of the top of the sleeve to allow them to dry in the air, while the remainder retains its moisture protected by the plastic. Note: Never peel away all of the bark at once. Your Miswak will dry-out and be difficult to use.