Organic Cosmetics/Perfumes: Jasmine Nuit (dark blue, roller-bottle) 4ml

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Jasmine Nuit: Natural and Organic French Perfume (no preservatives or enhancers)

Chakra: Heart

A strong, bright floral scent with a lingering soap finish.

74% Calming herbs

51% Aphrodisiac herbs

26% Stimulating herbs

24% Self-confidence herbs

This floral perfume allows the heart to lead the mind, stimulating the Sacral Chakra SVADHISHTHANA “I Feel” of sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and sociability.     

Active Ingredients:

Agarwood (Oud): increases sexual desire

Benzoin: reduces stress, calming, promotes restful sleep, mood lifting, healing to the skin

Bergamot: reduces anxiety, nervous tension and stress, balances the nervous system, lifts the mood and relieves fatigue

Jasmine: energizes and brings joy to love making

Mandarin: simulating, cooling and yet calming, brings about a bright mood

Mimosa: relaxing, warming and helps to overcome anxiety and sensitivity

Orris: used for blood-purifying and gland-stimulating increasing kidney activity, stimulating appetite and digestion as well as bile flow

Rose: increases physical strength and mental and emotional confidence, purifying to the body and healing to the skin