Organic Cosmetics/Perfumes: I Love (dark blue, roller-bottle) 4ml

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I Love: Natural and Organic French Perfume (no preservatives or enhancers)

Chakra: Heart

A soft floral citrus with a vanilla finish.

66% Balancing herbs

63% Calming herbs

21% Stimulating herbs

14% Lung, Heart, Blood herbs

12% Aphrodisiac herbs

This citrus perfume balances the mind and heart, opening the Heart Chakra ANAHATA “I Love” of acceptance, love, compassion and sincerity.                                       

Active Ingredients:

Agarwood (Oud): increases sexual desire

Benzoin: reduces stress, calming, promotes restful sleep, mood lifting, healing to the skin

Bergamot: reduces anxiety, nervous tension and stress, balances the nervous system, lifts the mood and relieves fatigue

Clary Sage: reduces stress and tension, lessens pain and promotes relaxation, encourages communication in love (Contains safe estrogen-like hormones)

Labdanum: a Lung plant the clears the chest of infection

Lavender: calming in small amounts, promotes relaxation, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, lifts and balances mood swings

Lemongrass: balancing, calming and helps with difficult breathing, this plant is the plant of nursing mothers and stimulates the nurturing nature (safe too)

Marjoram: opens the chest and brings about rest and relaxation

Patchouli: stimulates and uplifts the mind creating the desire for contact