Organic Cosmetics/Perfumes: Chypre Coty (dark blue, roller-bottle) 4ml

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Chypre Coty: Natural and Organic French Perfume (no preservatives or enhancers)

Chakra: Crown and Root

An amber musk with strong vanilla tones and exotic woods without the spice, rich and buttery.

59% Calming herbs

30% Stimulating herbs

28% Aphrodisiac herbs

10% Lung, Heart, Blood herbs

This amber perfume is an adaption of the famous Coty Musk perfume and has a stimulating effect on the body and mind equally. It affects both the Crown Chakra SAHASRARA “I Understand” of knowledge, consciousness, fulfillment and spirituality and the Root Chakra MULADHARA “I am” of energy, stability, comfort and safety.  

Active Ingredients:

Agarwood (Oud): increases sexual desire

Amber: a mixture that will include potency woods

Bergamot: reduces anxiety, nervous tension and stress, balances the nervous system, lifts the mood and relieves fatigue

Cinnamon: relaxes the body and mind while gently energizing the body

Clary Sage: reduces stress and tension, lessens pain and promotes relaxation, encourages communication in love (Contains safe estrogen-like hormones)

Ho wood: extremely high in calming linalool for promoting peace and relaxation

Jasmine: energizes and brings joy to love making

Labdanum: a Lung plant the clears the chest of infection

Oakmoss: prevent infections in open cuts and wounds and has anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in soothing swollen spots on the body

Peru Balsam: calming and restful, soothing to the mood and healing to the skin

Ylang Ylang: promotes communication during love making