Organic Cosmetics/Perfumes-Olive Skin Vanishing Powder 11g

Organic Cosmetics/Perfumes-Olive Skin Vanishing Powder 11g

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Olive to Umber Skin Colour

Our Vanishing Powder is perfect for your skin’s health and your beauty needs. Using extremely silky, light and sheer botanical alternatives, such as arrowroot and natural earth minerals we have created a finishing powder that is moisturizing, healing and concealing, while remaining translucent. Understanding light and how it plays with the eye, this powder visually tricks the eye making your skin appear smooth and even, without the need of a heavy finish. Use it with our Concealer stick for a complete, but sheer look.

  • Helps make skin look flawless
  • Eliminates shiny skin
  • Use it as a sheer, everyday natural look
  • Combine it with our Concealer for a complete, sheer look
  • Use it to set liquid and cream make up
  • For acne prone or oily skin, it will help regulate access oil
  • For sensitive skin, it is moisturizing and soothing

Directions: Use with any foundation powder brush.

Ingredients: 100% Organic
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