Why is it important to those around me that I take control of my diet?

Many women tell me how difficult it is to change their diet, even though they work hard on it and are committed in spirit. Changing your diet, especially permanently, can be something you have never tackled before. Many of us, I'd say most of us, are very accomplished, talented and leaders in our lives, so we are very used to working hard, changing things we see need to be fixed and basically keeping the boat afloat. But when it comes to doing something for ourselves we find we don't have the time, can't find the energy or it's not that important. We feel that other’s needs come before our own, because their needs have often been our responsibility. We have forgotten about the responsibility of taking care of ourselves first, so that we can properly care for others. When the plane is going down, you put on your mask first, so that you can save the lives of others. Keep that in mind.

When I took control of my diet and made others change around me for the first time, I actually felt that I got my life back. I still fulfilled all my responsibilities, especially as a mother and feeling better I improved without putting out any extra effort. This act of selfishness, if you wanna call it, not only improved my life, but also improved the lives of those around me, including people who helped me in stores, at the post office, when talking to say ICBC… you get my drift. I was a better person to be around, to live with and to just generally deal with on a day-to-day basis. My patience had returned.

When thinking about all the changes you will make in your family’s diet, how you shop, where you shop and the foods that you eat and all the newness of it all, which can be stressful, remember it can also be exciting. The improvement will impact everything in your life. Your life will become easier, because you will wake up feeling good, your family feels good and there is more joy, your day is smoother, you're so much calmer and you can now deal with the stress of this life with grace.

There are so many benefits to eating the proper human diet of meat and vegetables, in whatever proportion you feel is best. I invite you to rethink what changing your diet can mean beyond the weight loss and the lessening or elimination of the physical and psychological struggles you're dealing with, with your body. Think about all the new opportunity, how it can lift you out of a rut, if you think you're in one. This change I believe can save your life, in so many ways that your whole future will open up. Make the change today.


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