What is Rosacea and Why Do I Have It?

There is a lot of conflicting views about what causes Rosacea and a number of pharmaceuticals are now available to "treat" the condition. I'm not going to get into the validity of those claims, but instead just give you the facts of my experience and you decide.

100% of the people who have come to me with Rosacea (including myself) over the past 12 years have/had a number of factors in common:

  1. Hitting 40 or older (often menopausal, andropausal). This is when our growth hormone drops significantly, slowing down repair and our ability to cope with stress. The signs of alcohol, sugar/carbohydrates and stress from years of abuse and poor diet now begin to show themselves in our organs, muscle and blood health.
  2. Have gut problems (gas, bloating, burping, headaches, cramps, nausea, heartburn, acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite, weight loss, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia). Yes, these are all symptoms of an inflamed gut and all or some of these symptoms will be present.
  3. Often have an Autoimmune disease of some kind, and many doctors understand Rosacea as an Autoimmune condition, which they believe is a serious symptom of a greater underlying problem.1
  4. 75% of the time they have early to advanced signs of Metabolic Syndrome (fatty liver, excess weight especially around the waist, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol). They will have 2 or more symptoms.

Let me add one piece of information you will find useful...regarding the skin, unless you have come in contact with a toxic substance (contact dermatitis), or are using commercial products on your skin (when you stop the reaction should go away immediately and not come back) then 9 times out of ten the condition you are dealing with is coming from your gut, because our skin is just the outside part of our gut. Your gut and skin are one organ. Half of it is on the inside and the other half is outside. You are basically a donut. The crispy crust is your skin (the hole is your gut) and the cake that makes up the donut are your muscles, bones, organs and ligaments that form your shape. So, whatever you see on the outside skin is also going on on the inside tissue.

So, what is Rosacea?

I successfully treat Rosacea as a Leaky Gut symptom. It can be accompanied with puffy eyes and eczema on the face, hands and limbs. It is caused by eating grain/legume/seed based diets, processed/fast/fake foods, which all have the toxin Lectin in them, a high daily carbohydrate intake, as well as other foods that are seeds and have the toxin Lectin (like soy, peanuts, cashews and potatoes) and not eating enough non-starchy vegetables (5-7 cups a day) to flush the body of these toxins to keep the blood clean and the organs functioning properly**. Yes! Salads are the most powerful detoxers on the planet and they give you all the nutrients your immune system needs to protect the integrity of your body. They are the Original Super Food! 

So, what can you do to get immediate help?

  1. Start eating organic salads and non-starchy veggies**. Try to eat 5-7 cups a day. Buy organic vegetables that for the most part grow above ground like celery, broccoli, cabbage etc. Other than onions, garlic and tubers, foods that grow underground are generally sugary and don't detox at all, but can add to the problem.

**Note: If you decide to increase your veggie intake be sure to take a general enzyme for a couple of months until your pancreas adjusts to provide you with more enzymes. This can take 3 to 6 months on average.

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  1. Cut back/out grains, legumes and other seed foods like soy (see above), because they have Lectin, which is causing your Leaky Gut.
  2. Eat grassfed butter and meats, instead of animals that have been raised on grain. Chickens, because they are fowl, don't eat grass as their main food, so if you want chicken look for organic as your best bet, or avoid it until your condition improves and you are eating enough veggies to detox the Lectin residue found in chicken meat.
  3. Start using our Sea Buckthorn cream to give your skin vitamins and minerals to detox the cell, repair the outer layer of the cell and take away heat and inflammation.

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If you make the changes, depending upon how long you have had Rosacea, it can begin to clear within 2 weeks and if you stick to your diet changes and continue to use the Sea Buckthorn cream to heal the skin, I have seen it completely disappear within a year (see the attached photo).

If you need help making dietary changes, or questions regarding any product, we can help. Call us at the shop (250) 594-3332 or send us a message using our Contact page.


  1. Gundry, Steven MD. The Plant Paradox. Harper Collins, 2017. pg.85-88