Tutorial: How to make a lipstick or eye colour stick

I'm going to show you how to make our Soft Eyes eye colour sticks. (Recipe at end of blog).

Hint: The measurements, method and colours are all identical to a lipstick, even the firmness of the stick. The beeswax measure I suggest here is for a slim stick and it is just an average, because the amount of matte versus mica in your colour will ultimately decide how much beeswax you need. Colour that is more transparent will need a tiny bit more beeswax to harden into a stick than an opaque colour that has more clay in it and will harden easily. Each recipe needs to be made to be perfected.

STEP 1 Get Prepared

Make sure you have enough of everything you need. Have your recipe all ready because you will be working fast.

Be sure to premix your colours. You can buy your colour from us.

Makeup needs to be made using a scale and your measurements should be in grams. Choose a small pot that is easy to pour from and holds its heat long.

STEP 2 Measure and Melt

Measure and melt all your butters first. They require a little bit of heat, but keep your heat low and don't go above med-low. Add your oils after the butters have melted.

STEP 3 Mix In Your Colour

Add your colour. You can add it all at once. I always remove it from the heat and spend a substantial amount of time (5 min) to really make sure the colour is mixed well. If the colour has a lot of mica it is harder to mix and may require stirring when you pour your sticks. It's not difficult to do. It just takes more time.

STEP 4 Pour and Set

Pour your sticks.

Let them sit for about 15 min before you put them in a container that allows them to stand-up. Make sure you wipe-off any spills.

Put them in the fridge for 24 hours and then allow them to sit at room temperature for another 48 hours.

STEP 5 Basic Recipe In Percentages

Times the percentages by the amount you want to make, ea. Beeswax .26 (point 26) x 5g (total amount wanted) = 1.3g (how much to use). Do this for each ingredient and then add up the quantities for each ingredient to see if they equal the total amount you wanted. To perfect your recipe you will need to tweek the percentages to get the product you want.

Beeswax 26%

Coconut oil 9%

Shea Butter 15%

Jojoba oil 10%

Calendula 2%

Coco Butter 6%

Lanolin 5%

Palm oil 6%

Colour Mica 20%

Geogard Preservative 1%

Have Fun!