KETOpia Foods

Hi Friends,

I have decided to bring in all the Keto foods I can find that are wholefoods and don't have maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is a sweetener that is more dangerous than aspartame, but is relatively new and is still on the market. Beware!

Anyways, I will have cereal, snack bars, cookies, pancake mixes, pasta, gummies and worms for the kids, crackers....the list goes on. Oh, and I got some flavourings to make pina colatas, margaritas, and other fun drinks!

I will be adding new foods and specials at a great price. I'm really excited because it will give Ketoarians and people who just don't want sugar, a place to get the things they love without having to sort out if it is ok or not.

I hope you will stop in starting Thursday, August 18 to check it out. Cheers! kim