Is It Possible to Regrow/Thicken Eyelashes?

Theoretically, yes if the problem is diet/age/stress related, which all produce deficiencies. If the loss of your eyelashes is due to cellular damage by chemical cosmetics, peels, laser, false eyelashes, or injury, then repair/regrowth will be limited.

Eyelashes are made of the protein Keratin, but you need trace minerals to make the amino acids, which are utilized to make proteins. Trace minerals include iron, chromium, copper, zinc, iodine, manganese and selenium. These minerals are found in green leafy vegetables, nuts (5 Brazil nuts a day will give you all the zinc you need.) broccoli, eggs, avocado, berries and spirulina.

When you’re missing certain trace minerals it impacts the development of a specific type of prostaglandin, a lipid compound resembling hormone, which acts through G-protein-linked receptors and is necessary for the growth of eyelashes. If the mineral deficiency is great enough, prostaglandin will not be produced and the loss of eyelashes will result.

Things that will help fix this deficiency:

  1. Eat foods high in trace minerals - green leafy vegetables, nuts, broccoli, eggs, avocado, berries and spirulina.

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  1. Ricinoleic acid Ricinoleic acid is in Castor oil. Use castor oil topically on your eyelids and lashes. This acid can help correct the deficiency and helps regrow eyelashes. It is ok if it gets in your eyes. Just make sure the castor oil you buy is organic and cold-processed or unrefined, like ours.

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  1. Zinc Zinc is a trace mineral, and when you’re deficient in zinc, you can’t make prostaglandin.

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