Indigestion/Liver Castor Oil Rub

Hi Friends,

Many have asked me to post some Apothecary Castor Oil recipes. The ingredients are easy to get (we have all the herbs at the shop), or you may already have them at hand. Herbal medicine is not about using the most exotic herb you can find, but about using the most native, heritage weed called for in the recipe and these will be the herbs readily at hand. These herbs are also inexpensive, making natural medicine affordable.



3 tablespoons dried chamomile flower

1.5 tablespoon coriander seeds

1.5 tablespoon dried lemon balm leaf

1 cup Castor oil


40 drops lavender essential oil

Directions: Put the herbs in a glass baking dish and add enough Castor oil to cover the herbs. One or two inches deep. Bake at 170’ F for 4 hours. Allow too cool and then strain. Transfer to a container of your choice and add the essential oil. Rub 2 tablespoons over the stomach area or over your liver area under your right rib cage. Cover with a cotton towel and then a hot water bottle or heating pad. Relax for 30 to 40 minutes, or put on before bed and go to sleep. Store remaining oil in a tight-fitting jar and keep in a dark place. Do not refrigerate, or it will go rancid. Will keep 3-8 months under proper conditions.