I Was Told My Flat Butt Was Genetic. You’re Telling Me Its Not? If Its Not, Can I Fix it?

Yes, to both questions.

I was also told that and when I went to my dad's funeral in Saskatchewan, I met my five aunts for the first time and they all had flat butts. I thought Yep, see it's genetic even though my sister has a nice, big butt, which I wish was mine. I believed this for decades, until I started studying medicine and learned about the Five Body Types. There is the Thyroid Body, the Liver Body, the Ovarian Body, Adrenal Body and Pancreas Body and each has a “non-genetic” shape that is decided by diet and environment.

Again, you are not born with these body types. If you were born a perfectly, healthy baby, you were given basically the same body as everyone else: a butt, 4 somewhat chubby limbs, an even shaped tummy. What happened to you afterwards decided the kind of body you developed and when you see generations of the same body type, it is due to patterns of behaviour or influence in the family line, good or bad. When the trigger is identified and habits are changed the body dysmorphia can be reversed.

So, what do I mean by patterns of behavior or influence? I am talking about Stress, Diet, Environment, Medication, Alcohol and Infection/Virus/Injury. Each of these patterns or influences produce one or more of the 3 Dominant Hormones in your body: Insulin, Estrogen and Cortisol. The over-presence of these hormones alters the chemistry and growth of the body and these alterations shape the body in specifically 5 ways. It should be mentioned that the 3 Dominant Hormones are also Fat Making Hormones, because they all block fat burning (Insulin/ Resistance/Diabetes, Blocked Growth Hormone and Degraded T4 to T3 Conversion) and the development of a Fatty Liver and weight gain is shared by all 5 Body Types.

Now, I do not mean sexual development, height etc. The development I am referring to can be understood as abnormal growth/development, because of the over-presence of one or more of the 3 Dominant Hormones for extended periods of time.

When trying to sort out what possible Body Type you may have, remember the main key factor is weight gain. Where is the weight depositing? Sometimes a person can be a combination of Body Types, because of multiple causes. To sort out the confusion ask yourself:

  1. When did I become this particular shape?
  2. What happened just before my body started to change shape?

This can help identify the trigger especially if it's a combined trigger. For instance a very stressful event combined with perhaps moving and diet change or a financial impact that affected your diet. Often trouble comes in pairs and sorting out the event can help you to sort out the cause(s).

I have made a chart to help you, but remember this is a simplified view with just the basics and more in-depth information is required to reverse the condition. This chart is just to help you to get started.

Reversing body dysmorphia starts with diet and 80% of your effort should be in this area. A low/no carbohydrate diet of meat and vegetables will heal the body and reverse body dysmorphia.

At Qualicum Beach Apothecary we specialize in the Low/No Carb Diets and can help you to get started and succeed (Keto, Ketovore, Carnivore). Call for an appointment (250)-594-3332, and begin the process of recovery and feeling good again. Don’t let another day go by.

Thank you to Dr. Eric Berg for making this information available in the Public Domain.