Glass versus Plastic

Hi Friends,

I get many people asking for glass for items such as Castor Oil, versus plastic and I understand why, but I want to tell you all the real truth.

Every ingredient, other than essential oils and other volatile ingredients, are ALL stored in plastic at the original facility they are produced at, during shipping and then at the distributor's warehouse, where they can sit in storage for years. This is done for safety during handling, storage and shipping.

Not all plastics are the same and in Canada certified, organic ingredients (such as I buy) are stored in HDPE food grade containers, which have been fully tested for safety if that is a concern and are fully recyclable. Yes, I use glass in the shop, but not for items like shampoos, where doing so would be dangerous if dropped on tile and especially not the (very heavy) Castor oil. Glass would be a dangerous container for 250ml+ size bottles. Plastic does have a role to play in our safety.

My advice is to buy the best quality item you can afford in plastic and then transfer it to glass. Don't get tricked into paying more for glass, when in reality you are not getting what you think you are buying: an ingredient that has no plastic footprint. It’s just no