Frankincense and Skin Growths That Could Possibly Be Cancerous

Anne Marie's experience with Frankincense:

“(In 2016) …I had some skin removed from the top of my head that was confirmed as Squamish Cell Carcinoma. The donation skin was taken from my chest and the graft was successful. Unfortunately, (in September 2019) a new growth started on the graft (photo1, and by April 4, 2020 it had expanded to 5mm). This time (my doctor) did not do a biopsy, so we never confirmed that it was cancer.”

“My follow up date with Skin Care West was 15 months away (December 2020, so) …we started using Frankincense on the spot, applied morning and night. (A week later, 4/28/20, photo 2) …you can see it (the growth) coming to the surface.

(By 5/3/2020, photo 3 the growth) then form(ed) a scab. (In photo 4, 7/12/2020 after 11 weeks of treatment, the scab) then fell away when I washed my hair.”

“By the time I saw the specialist it had completely cleared up.  I printed some photos to show the doctor.  Her opinion was that there was nothing more to do, that it was all cleared up.  We used nothing but frankincense.  The spot has not returned and there is new hair growing.  Fingers crossed!” 

Anne Marie

Kim: If you have a skin growth, do as Anne Marie did and first go see your doctor who can put you into the system to have the growth tested to see if it is cancerous. Frankincense can be used alongside Western Medical remedies and helps to speed-up and support DNA during repair, which lessens the chance of a repeat growth and scar tissue.1

We carry an organic Frankincense that is not cut nor mixed. It is pure, medicinal grade. Do a search for "Frank" on this site to locate it.