Low Carb to Full Carnivore: The Differences Between the Carbohydrate Reduction Diets

Everyone has heard of the Keto diet and currently the Carnivore diet is all the rage. Both diets are Carbohydrate Reduction Diets. They cure many of the same problems caused by carbohydrate poisoning, but they have their unique purpose as well. In other words, you would choose one over the other, if you were trying to fix something particular/additional that the other diet was not going to tackle. I have drawn up a chart below to help clarify the differences between Low Carb, Healthy Keto, Ketovore, Carnivore Plus and Full Carnivore (the primary difference is carb intake).

Many of you are just learning about Carbohydrate Reduction Diets, but these diets have been around for literally hundreds of years. Carnivore, although not named that at the time, is the original Elimination Diet used for individuals who suffered from unknown diet ailments, Diabetes, Wasting Disease, or individuals who were unable to absorb nutrients because of damaged guts/injury or for those close to death and needing food that was easy to process in order to gain nutrient. There is evidence in medical history to show these diets were being commonly utilized as far back as the 1000CE.

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