Budget Ketovore: Easy Mongolian Turkey Soup

During my first year at university this dish was something I looked forward to every month in the dining hall. With flavourful meat and a savory soup broth base, it’s easy to digest and get down, especially on a weak stomach. I was always so excited when they had it, so when I came home I had to try and remake it and this is what I came up with.

This dish is amazing for increasing your protein intake, with a pound of turkey being 132g of protein! It’s amazing for athletes or anyone who wants to build muscle easily. This recipe is easy enough for a brand-new cook or interesting enough for an experienced cook. It’s light tasting and doesn’t feel like you’re eating, roughly (in one serving), 66g of protein.

The original dish was made with egg noodles as well as peanuts, however, I’ve adjusted it and removed those two things to make it Ketovore. I honestly prefer it without any noodles, as it makes eating it much easier on the stomach. If you do want to have noodles and that nutty taste, I would recommend konjac noodles and sesame seeds!

Will need:

1 pound of turkey (or really any ground meat, however turkey has one of the highest protein contents)

1 (or two) soft poached egg(s)

Spices for step 1

1 tsp                 Garlic powder

1 tsp                Red Paprika powder

½ tsp               Ginger powder

¼ tsp               Black or Green Cardamom (optional)

1 tsp                Salt

¼ tsp               Pepper

1 tbsp              Coconut aminos

1 tsp                Vinegar

2 tsp                Sesame seed oil (don’t fry with this. It. Will. Burn.)

Oil to fry meat for step 2

1 tbsp              Bacon fat/high-smoke point oil

Broth base for step 3

2 cups              Broth

1 tsp                Coconut aminos

To taste            Salt

To taste            Pepper

⅓ cup              Green onion (Or lettuce, really whatever you’ve got in the fridge or garden)

- Frying pan     - 2 Quart saucepan


How to make:

  1. Mix your ground turkey with all the spices. Mix this well. I suggest using your hands, with a glove or without. Just wash your hands first.
  2. Using the frying pan, heat up oil in it on medium heat. Once hot, put turkey in the pan and fry, breaking up the large hunks of meat with a wooden spoon (I do not suggest using your hands, that will hurt). Fry through, and if you’re feeling talented or simply forget that you’re frying something, get a good fond on the meat to make it crispy. Remove from heat once done.
  3. In the saucepan, pour in your broth, coconut aminos, and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer this before putting it in your bowl(s) (this recipe easily makes two full Ketovore meals. However, if you are Carnivore and feel you could eat the whole thing, go nuts.
  4. Put cooked meat into the broth and top with chopped green onions (if using lettuce, slice thin), and your soft-boiled egg(s). Enjoy!