Remedy ProBiotic-Animal Maintenance 100g

Remedy ProBiotic-Animal Maintenance 100g

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Designed to Improve and Maintain Your Pets Good Health.


Animal Maintenance Probiotic: Especially designed to improve and maintain your pets good health.


This product is specially formulated for adult cats and dogs to provide them with good bacteria in their intestines.

    • Relieves diarrhea, flatulence, and bloating which can be potentially fatal;

    • Supports the intestinal flora during a food transition;

    • Prevents infection;

    • Improves the assimilation of vitamins and nutrients;

    • Reduces the effects of stress;

    • Reduces metabolic toxins;

    • Reduce the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria;

    • Reduces urinary tract infections (UTIs);

    • Protection and detoxification of the blood purifying organs (liver and kidneys) to provide them with an anti-carcinogenic effect;

    • Prevents the imbalances associated with antibiotic therapy which threatens the balance of flora;

    • Always take probiotics with and after antibiotic treatments to restore the flora!

Gluten free…
Products with guaranteed potency – No refrigeration required

Directions: One scoop per day in wet food.