Organic Magnesium Spray (750 mg Strength)  120ml

Organic Magnesium Spray (750 mg Strength) 120ml

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 A Vital Mineral for the Overall Health of the Body and Gut.

Magnesium Spray is designed to:

    • Restore magnesium levels
    • Be a Natural cell protectorant
    • Establish a smoother rhythm for the bowels
    • Ease constipation
    • Facilitates an effective detoxification
    • Relieve aches, pains and spasms
    • Elevate mood and relieves stress
    • Asthma-help normalize breathing and reduce wheezing and breathlessness.
    • Encourage healthy skin tissue development
    • Help maintain proper muscle function
    • Boost energy levels
Directions: Shake. Test before using. Spray 1-3 squirts onto back, arms, feet, legs or any skin surface and work in until gone. Use daily or when needed. Avoid using near eyes. Safe for children  2 + years of age. Do not ingest.
Ingredients: 100% Organic
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