New Qualicum shop open

Hi Friends,

January 22nd, 2022 we opened at 663 Beach Road, #105  Qualicum Beach.Thank you to everyone for the flowers, cards and gifts. I'm so lucky to have so many wonderful people especially in my work life. Many of you will chuckle at that knowingly, so it makes a real difference personally to know how much you care. It makes me work even harder.

In Qualicum, along with all our organic in-house bodycare and the many wonderful things I have hunted down for you, there are almost a 100 bulk herbs, capsules, teas and over 150 different tinctures to choose from. I have designed a poster that quickly identifies possible herb choices for your ailment (or pleasure) and the further accompanying small information brochure for each herb will help you to choose just the right herb, but I will be there to help. All our original teas are here and if you would like me to pick something out of the bulk herbs, I just love doing that! For a fraction of the cost, bulk allows you to indulge at little cost.

I look forward to seeing you in Qualicum!

Cheers, Kim